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Whether you have already partnered with a Travel Management Company or not considered one yet, use our handy travel savings calculator below to view the amount you could benefit in both time and money.

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Not only can FCBT deliver Rand savings on your travel programme, but we can provide:
Time savings

You will be appointed your own dedicated travel specialist who will do the work for you and take the hassle out of business travel planning. Your travel specialist will provide 3 quotes within 2 hours and can handle all aspects of your journey from car hire, flights and accommodation to forex and visa advice.

Free after hours assistance

We’re available 24/7 to take care of your travel emergencies and at no extra cost to yourself or your business. Now your travel booker won’t have to field calls at midnight or worry about travellers left stranded at the airport.

Cash flow management

We’ll help you better manage your cash flow by providing you with flexible payment options like an interest free credit account, pre-paid accommodation extras, travel lodge cards and more.


As a Flight Centre Business Travel client, you’ll have access to the widest range of business and leisure travel deals and receive the best value for your travel itinerary. You will also benefit from Flight Centre’s global negotiating strength and longstanding relationships with leading airline and hotel partners.

White Paper: How to travel on a budget for business

Now that you know how much you could be saving, here is a bonus download of our top seven relatively pain-free ways you could travel on a budget.

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