5 Tips for SMEs to make the most of their next conference

When you’re drowning under mounds of paperwork and working weekends to keep your accounts up to date, the prospect of spending a full day out of the office to attend a conference will strike fear in your heart. 

With limited time and resources, SMEs find it difficult to carve out the time to attend an event. There will always be something that’s more pressing than an upcoming conference. 

Ladies, send yourself packing with these great business tips

If the thought of packing for yet another business trip is as painful as lugging a packed suitcase up three flights of stairs, here’s why you should ditch the excess baggage and start getting suitcase smart ladies.

Your aim as a woman traveller is: To look professional, stay organised and keep your luggage light and easy to carry. A business trip shouldn’t be a chore. It’s an opportunity to grow your business, network and build relationships with existing and potential customers.

Being smart about the cost of business travel

Travel is an essential component of growing your business, but too often as entrepreneurs we are concerned about the pressure travel expenses will put on our cashflow and profits.

Not travelling, however, could mean the difference between connecting and not connecting with a customer, and sealing the deal.

Large corporates and conglomerates didn’t get to where they are by cutting out travel. Rather, by managing these expenses so they achieved the best bang for their buck.

Consumer habits influencing traveller behaviour

Generational change, mobile technology and consumer travel habits are making an impact on the business travel experience, according to a study published today.

The GBTA research of 430 UK business travellers showed the incorporation of mobile into expense management processes, the sharing economy and use of social media to connect with colleagues are key emerging habits.

The study found access to wifi ranked the highest when asked ‘what one thing all companies should offer their travellers’ - higher than free food and drink and hotel or flight upgrades.

Surviving a business trip with your boss

Although business trips give you the opportunity to see new places, experience new things and meet new people, they can be quite stressful. Working in an unknown environment while meeting your company’s expectations is challenging, and having your boss as a travel partner doesn’t make things easier. 

To help you deal with the added stress of travelling with your boss, Flight Centre Business Travel has put together a few helpful tips: 

How to Protect Your Mobile Workforce

As companies continue to explore emerging markets in Africa, business travel has become an ever-increasing necessity for employers and their staff.

And while travel is essential for a company’s growth and success, it’s not always business as usual. During their travels, employees may encounter a number of adverse conditions that could include everything from minor inconvenience such as cancelled flights, to more serious health, safety and security concerns.