FCBT Entertainment

FCBT entertainment has recognised the unique travel requirements and logistics that sports, film and production industries require and hence why we have a division solely trained and focused on managing travel.

We have built personal relationships with suppliers across the country, taking our supplier negotiations to the coalface. We get to know each of our suppliers and build strong relationships with them so they’re at the end of the phone when we need them. These include meeting requests like transporting animals across borders, moving sets, handling your excess baggage and sporting equipment, meeting the demands of stars and dealing with fixers across the country.

We can deliver travel savings to the industry through our global buying power and specialist travel expertise. FCBT entertainment can offer you the insights and dedicated service needed to maximise budgets and keep you rolling.

  • Dedicated industry insider
  • Free after-hours Assistance
  • Negotiated excess baggage rates
  • Flexible payment options

By partnering with an expert who specialises in the unique requirements of your industry, you’ll never be placed on hold again.

Call FCBT entertainment on 082 742 2220 or email FCBTproduction@fcbt.co.za for your tailored travel quote.