Massive upgrades heading to Cape Town soon

Massive upgrades heading to Cape Town soon

The City of Cape Town has seen major development, with the city approving building plans to the value of R20.4 billion over the 11-month period ending May 2019 and 8,760 land use applications over the time period.

Cape Town has become a major construction hub in recent years, with a number of notable projects currently in the pipeline. With Cape Town moving towards becoming a world-class city, Cape Town International Airport also has upgrade plans worth 7 billion in the pipeline.

The upgrades will include,  the refurbishment of the domestic arrivals terminal and the expansion of the international terminal.  A new realigned runway worth R3.93 billion which will achieve the runway realignment that will in the future allow for the expansion of the terminals;

The new runway will allow the airport to increase its per hour landing and departures from 30 to 45 aircraft movements;

It will allow the airport to handle the new generation large aircraft such as the Boeing 747-800 or the A380 aircraft.

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