Top 5 Business Travel Myths

Top 5 Business Travel Myths

For those who don’t often travel for business, it’s easy to glamorise it. But those who do travel face the sometimes tedious routine of packing, catching flights, taking taxis and getting ready for meetings. But it doesn’t have to be like this.

Flight Centre Business Travel has put together a list of five myths about travelling for work, as well as ways in which we can help you deal with the challenges it brings.

Myth 1: You get to see the world


While you might get to travel to different countries and cities, you will more than likely spend most of your time in taxis, meetings and hotel rooms. Unless you plan ahead to add some leisure time to your business trip, your experience of exotic countries will probably be what you see from the inside of taxis on your way to the hotel or back to the airport.

The best way to manage this is by using a professional travel-management company that can introduce you to the concept of “bleisure travel” – mixing business travel with leisure. Although, as a business traveller, you’ll never have as much time for exploring as those on a leisure holiday, Flight Centre Business Travel will help you put together a travel package that allows you time to balance work and play.

Myth 2: It’s easy to book everything yourself


It might seem as if it will be easier and cheaper to make bookings yourself, but there are many things to consider. Organising flights, hotel bookings, airport transfers, lounge passes, insurance, car rental and loyalty points, as well as dealing with any problems that may arise, takes a lot of time – time you can spend on work or doing a bit of exploring. And that’s not even taking into account the admin around payments, budgets and monthly reconciliations.

Research done by Flight Centre Business Travel shows that travel arrangements for almost 45% of all business trips are changed at least once. Managing these changes – and the effect they have on every other arrangement made – can be a nightmare if you’re not a travel expert.

Working with us means you’ll have 24/7 access to a dedicated member of our team who can manage all aspects of your travel arrangements and assist you with any changes or travel-related concerns.

Myth 3: Business travel is always fun and glamorous


Business travel can be exhausting – you often end up with 12-hour days of back-to-back meetings and business dinners, while trying to overcome jet lag and a lack of sleep, just to hop back on your next long-haul flight. The reality is that business travel can be tiring, and having someone who can help manage it efficiently and in the most cost-effective way minimises stress and prevents fatigue.

By organising your travels, Flight Centre Business Travel does the hard work for you, giving you peace of mind and more time during your day.

Myth 4: You’ll get lots of work done


It certainly is a great plan, but once reality sets in and you wearily ease back into your reclining seat, refreshment in hand and a choice of movies in front of you, the will to work on that important presentation often disappears. And by the time you get to your hotel room at night you’ll probably be too exhausted to check your emails or find out what’s going on at the office.

One way in which Flight Centre Business Travel addresses this is by offering mixed-class airfares, allowing you, for example, to fly economy class on the way to your destination and business class on the way back. That will make it easier for you to work on that important meeting agenda on your way there and sleep in total comfort on your way back, arriving home refreshed and ready to relay what you have learned during your trip.

Myth 5: You travel business and first class only


It’s a common misconception that all business travellers travel business or first class. Some companies have instituted a time period or travel distance as the determining factors for the class of travel; others have a flat rule that everyone travels in economy class; and some base the decision on the budget for the trip.

Working with an established travel-management company like Flight Centre Business Travel, which has access to multiple airfare options and exclusive discounts, can assist in minimising air-travel expenses and maximising comfort.



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