Major delays expected on US flights

US flight delays

Travellers must allow for extra time when flying to any US destination due to tighter security measures. Airlines suggest arriving at the airport at least three hours prior to departure.

This comes after the announcement by US Secretary of Homeland Security, John F. Kelly, who introduced additional screening measures for passengers on international flights bound for the US. These measures apply to any departure point where you need a passport to re-enter the US.

Travellers should be prepared for:

  • Additional screening of your person and property
  • Heightened screening of personal electronic devices
  • Increased security protocols around aircraft and in passenger areas
  • The deployment of advanced technology and expanded canine screening

Check-in deadlines for most US-bound flights have been extended to at least three hours prior to departure.

Kelly warns these new measures may be the starting point for further security protocols expected to be introduced at US airports. “We are taking prudent steps to make aircraft more secure, to reduce insider threats and to identify suspicious passengers,” he said.

FCBT would like to remind you to allow more time for all these added measures at check-in

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